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Your Data + Our Software = Unstoppable Clients

PatronLink™ is an enterprise-wide solution for marketing analytics. Our cloud-based, large volume, analytic platform quickly harnesses data to create actionable insights.

Informative Purchasing Preferences

KNOW ME OR NO ME. Learn about your best customers, their likes and buying behaviors.

PatronLink provides marketers with a deeper understanding of consumers’ buying behaviors by overlaying over 500 different attributes.

Retain Existing Customers

By creating a personalized, engaging messaging and relevant offers.

Retention Analytics

PatronLink helps create relevant communications that keep your customers engaged. PatronLink helps identify these needs, improving the efficacy of your campaigns.

Insightful Data Visualization

Its more than just a beautiful dashboard

PatronLink's visual data capabilities provide insightful patron information that is easy to interpret vs. the old fashion spreadsheets.

Actionable Insight

Do you know what data is actionable? Leave the guess work to us.

PatronLink will help navigate the world of data and help you decide which data is actionable and what data ignore.

Monetize Your Content

Right Content, Right Time, in the Right Channel

Imagine how much money you could save by only contacting people that respond to the phone, or others that respond to direct mail. With over 5,000 messages received by a consumer per day, we will help you cut through the clutter.

Intuitive Predictive Analytics

It's time to retire your crystal ball and start using data to predict your marketing outcomes.

PatronLink's drag and drop technology enables you to be the chief statistician. Imagine the ability to model your own clients over hundreds of different attributes.

Acquisition Analytics

Find Look-A-Likes of your best customers

PatronLink will analyze your data to see what characteristics your best customers have in common. Then we use those traits to search our entire 250M line database and find the best prospects who have similar characteristics — resulting in more effective marketing campaigns.

Dynamic Reporting

What gets measured - gets managed.

PatronLink's drag and drop dashboard let's you watch and manage your business in real-time.

Build Audience Capacity


Consumer Database
Predictive Models
Buying Behaviors
Cups of Espresso

Who's Who in the Zoo - Blog

How a Young Family Prepares for an Evening of Theatre

Happy Family Portrait

The thirty-something theatre segment is one that many marketers are attempting to attract.  Let’s see how one family of three prepares for a night on the town!

You Are The Talk Of The Town


Everyone is talking dirty, dirty data that is. They’re quickly realizing that without a data strategy, data becomes quickly outdated and is more of a liability vs. an asset. CMO’s can no longer hide their dirty laundry.

500% ROI Re-Activation Campaign

hello we missed you

How are you engaging your lapsed or inactive patrons, members or fans?  Some say it takes seven times to touch a consumer before they become familiar with your brand.  Lapse re-activation could be just the model to leverage and get re engagement.

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